Cocktails Made With 100% California Ingredients

Cocktails Made With 100% California Ingredients

As much as we love beer, we also love the unique spirits that can be found all over our great state. Our cocktail recipes showcase fresh fruit and juices, as well as house-made ginger beer and tonic. We’re proud to offer an innovative house menu with new twists on classic favorites. If you’re curious about any of the spirits we stock, our bar staff can tell you all about them.

Whenever possible, we partner with distilleries to benefit local charities and organizations.

Cocktail of the Month


TRU Organic Gin, Art-in-the-Age Rhubarb Tea 80-proof Liqueur, basil, cucumber, hibiscus and lime juice 12

hoo, hoo


House & Classic Cocktails

Art School Mule
Hanson’s Boysenberry Vodka, lime juice, house-made ginger beer, fresh sage, Drunken Crane Cardaplum Bitters, served tall and pretentious (like it’s creator)  12
Mohawk Bend, 2015

Front Porch
Sit back with … Slow Hand 6 Woods Organic Single Malt Whiskey, white peach puree, agave & lemon juice served over ice  12
Mohawk Bend, 2016

Garden Salad
TRU Organic Vodka, lemon juice, lime juice, fennel, cilantro, cucumber, ginger beer  11
Mohawk Bend, 2013

Merle’s Whisker
Bowens CA Whiskey, Bruto Americano bitter aperitivo, Vya Sweet Vermouth & Miracle Mile Forbidden Bitters served over ice with a twist of orange … pluck one  13
Mohawk Bend, 2016

the Norm
No. 209 Gin, fresh apple and lime juices, house-made tonic and Luxardo cherry syrup, all served up  12
Mohawk Bend, 2016

Prairie Rose
Stark Spirits CA Silver Rum, Art-in-the-Age Snap ginger snap liqueur, fresh lemon juice, house-made ginger beer and Barkeep Baked Apple Bitters, served tall over rocks with a twist  13
Mohawk Bend, 2016

Hanson’s Organic Cucumber Vodka, fresh blueberry, fresh mint, fresh cucumber, basil, hibiscus, ginger beer & lemon juice, served wide-eyed  11
Mohawk Bend, 2016

Root 66
Cutwater Spirits 3 Sheets Spiced Rum, Art-in-the-Age Root root beer liqueur, agave, fresh orange and lemon juices, served hard on the rocks  12
Mohawk Bend, 2016

Sloe Ride
El Ladron Reposado blue agave spirit, Spirit Works Sloe Gin & Fruit Lab Orange Liqueur with a little bit of lemon juice – take it easy  12
Mohawk Bend, 2016

The Warrior
Ixa Silver Tequila, ginger, grapefruit, pink & black peppercorn, lime, rocks 12
Mohawk Bend, 2014
($1 from each purchase goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma LA Chapter)



Happy Hour Cocktails

Sooo Cal
Hangar 1 Mandarin Blossom Vodka, Lemon Juice, Mint   8

Whiskey Business
Slow Hand 6 Woods Single Malt Whiskey, house-made ginger beer, lemon juice, apricot, black peppercorn  8