List Updated: February 9, 2016 2:50 pm Hangar 24 IPA and North Coast Old 38

With 70 taps to keep running, we do our best to update this list daily. We cannot always guarantee that all of these beers will be available when you come in. We can guarantee that we move beers in as quickly as possible and our back up cold box is stocked with lots of varieties that are ready to be tapped when needed.

(Prices listed do not include sales tax.)

• L I G H T E R •
Little Bo PilsGerman PilsenerSmog City4.4%Pint7.00
California LagerAmerican LagerAnchor4.5%Pint7.00
Meyer Lemon LagerPale Lager w/meyer lemonAnchor4.5%Pint7.00
DeceptionBlonde w/coconut and limeBlack Market4.5%Pint7.00
KellerweisHefeweizenSierra Nevada4.8%Pint7.00
Cali Creamin'Cream Ale w/vanillaMother Earth5.2%Pint7.00
Pivo PilsGerman PilsenerFirestone5.3%Pint7.00
GraziasCream AleHess5.5%Pint7.00
Nühell IPLPale LagerIronfire6.0%Pint7.00
EarlHerb Beer w/English teaSolarc8.2%Tulip7.00
• T O A S T I E R •
Curse Me KiltsScottish AleNoble4.6%Pint7.00
Day DrinkerEnglish Pale AleKing Harbor5.0%Pint7.00
What's She HavingIrish Red AleGolden Road5.2%Pint7.00
BoontAmerican AmberAnderson Valley5.8%Pint7.00
Middling SpreeEnglish Mild PaleMacLeod6.0%Pint7.00
Red Rocket AleRed AleBear Republic6.8%Pint7.00
Sabre-Toothed SquirrelAmerican AmberSmog City7.0%Pint7.00
Winter AleWinter WarmerTelegraph7.1%Tulip7.00
Stochasticity Project: GrainiacAmerican AmberStone8.5%Tulip7.00
Winter YulesmithImperial RedAlesmith8.5%Goblet7.00
• N U T T I E R /
R O A S T I E R •
Alesmith Nut BrownEnglish Brown AleAlesmith5.0%Pint7.00
Old 38*NitroIrish Dry StoutNorth Coast5.4%Pint7.00
Anchor PorterAmerican PorterAnchor5.6%Pint7.00
Barney FlatsOatmeal StoutAnderson Valley5.8%Pint7.00
Black House*nitroOatmeal Coffee StoutModern Times5.8%Pint7.00
Alt BierAltbierHangar 246.0%Pint7.00
CurrentOatmeal StoutKinetic6.2%Pint7.00
CampfireAmerican StoutHigh Water6.5%Pint7.00
SouthbounderImperial Coffee StoutThree Weavers7.0%Tulip7.00
Old Rasputin*NitroRussian Imperial StoutNorth Coast9.0%Goblet7.00
NarwhalRussian Imperial StoutSierra Nevada10.2%Snifter7.00
• H O P P I E R •
1500Pale AleDrake's5.5%Pint7.00
Sierra Nevada PalePale AleSierra Nevada5.6%Pint7.00
Row 2 / Hill 56Pale AleRussian River5.8%Pint7.00
Big WhigIPANoble6.8%Pint7.00
CelebrationFresh Hop IPASierra Nevada6.8%Pint7.00
ExpatriateIPAThree Weavers6.9%Pint7.00
Pineapple SculpinIPABallast Point7.0%Pint7.00
MayberryIPAEl Segundo7.1%Pint7.00
Delicious IPAIPAStone7.7%Pint7.00
Bobblehead RedRed IPACoronado8.0%Tulip7.00
Hull Melon and BlancIPAHop Concept8.0%Tulip7.00
NxS CollaborationDouble IPAStone & Sierra Nevada8.2%Tulip7.00
MongoDouble IPAPort8.5%Tulip7.00
KnottyDouble IPAThree Weavers8.5%Tulip7.00
Enjoy By 2/14/16Double IPA, unfilteredStone9.4%Goblet7.00
HoparilloImperial IPAKnee Deep11.1%Snifter7.00
• B E L G I A N I E R •
Blood Orange WitWitbierRefuge5.0%Tulip7.00
ManifestoWitbierEagle Rock5.7%Tulip7.00
ProvisionsSaisonTahoe Mountain6.2%Tulip7.00
DevotionBelgian Pale AleLost Abbey6.3%Tulip7.00
Blind AmbitionBelgian Dark AleLadyface6.4%Tulip7.00
Shadow BoxingDubbelMonkish7.0%Tulip7.00
DamnationBelgian Strong PaleRussian River7.75%Tulip7.00
ZES 6th AnniversaryGolden Strong AleEagle Rock, Ladyface and Strand Collaboration8.0%Goblet7.00
• B I G G E R •
Full Malted JacketScotch AleBeachwood BBQ9.5%Goblet7.00
Brown Shugga'American Strong AleLagunitas9.99%Snifter7.00
Wee HeavyScotch AleAlesmith10.0%Snifter7.00
DeuceStrong Dark AleEagle Rock10.0%Snifter7.00
Old ViscosityImperial StoutPort12.0%Snifter7.00
• W I L D E R /
S O U R E R •
Hibiscus Reserve WheatBerliner WeisseTelegraph5.0%Tulip7.00
RueuzeGueuzeThe Bruery5.6%6oz. Snifter7.00
• C I D E R •
Perry CiderPear CiderAce5.0%Tulip7.00
The JokerDry English Apple CiderAce6.9%Tulip7.00
Cactus RedThai Basil and Watermelon Cider101 Cider House6.9%Tulip7.00
Black & BlueBlackberry and Blueberry CiderJulian7.0%Tulip7.00