List Updated: July 22, 2016 10:35 pm Hangar 24 IPA and North Coast Old 38

With 70 taps to keep running, we do our best to update this list daily. We cannot always guarantee that all of these beers will be available when you come in. We can guarantee that we move beers in as quickly as possible and our back up cold box is stocked with lots of varieties that are ready to be tapped when needed.

(Prices listed do not include sales tax.)

• L I G H T E R •
Wheels UpHelles LagerHangar 244.3%Pint7.00
Little Bo PilsGerman-style PilsenerSmog City4.4%Pint7.00
Isabella BlondeBlonde AleKern River4.5%Pint7.00
Pacific Kölsch HighwayKölschIndie4.5%Pint7.00
KellerweisHefeweizenSierra Nevada4.8%Pint7.00
California LagerAmerican LagerAnchor4.9%Pint7.00
Cali Creamin'Cream Ale w/vanillaMother Earth5.2%Pint7.00
Citrusy WitWitbier w/kaffir lime & tangerineStone5.3%Pint7.00
Pivo PilsHoppy PilsenerFirestone5.3%Pint7.00
Foam TopCream AleBeachwood5.5%Pint7.00
• T O A S T I E R •
WhammyWheat Amber AleArts District4.8%Pint7.00
Sequoia RedAmerican Red AleKern River5.2%Pint7.00
What's She HavingIrish Red AleGolden Road5.3%Pint7.00
El TécnicoAmber w/agave extractBarley Forge5.7%Pint7.00
BoontAmerican AmberAnderson Valley5.8%Pint7.00
McIlhenney'sIrish-style Red AleAlpine6.0%Pint7.00
The Smoking RedheadSmoked Irish-style RedBrewyard6.1%Pint7.00
Station No. 1Red AleEl Segundo6.7%Pint7.00
Sabre-Toothed SquirrelHoppy AmberSmog City7.0%Pint7.00
• N U T T I E R /
R O A S T I E R •
Cut & DryIrish Dry StoutMacLeod4.5%Pint7.00
2 NorthAmerican Brown AleEagle Rock5.0%Pint7.00
Alesmith Nut BrownEnglish Brown AleAlesmith5.0%Pint7.00
Milk Thistle StoutVegan 'Milk' StoutSolarc5.0%Tulip7.00
Old 38*NitroIrish Dry StoutNorth Coast5.4%Pint7.00
Anchor PorterAmerican PorterAnchor5.6%Pint7.00
Barney FlatsOatmeal StoutAnderson Valley5.8%Pint7.00
SouthbounderRussian Imperial Coffee StoutThree Weavers7.0%Tulip7.00
VelocityAmerican Double StoutKinetic7.98%Pint7.00
Sin-Tax*NitroImperial Peanut Butter StoutMother Earth8.1%Tulip7.00
Old Rasputin*NitroRussian Imperial StoutNorth Coast9.0%Goblet7.00
Serpent's StoutImperial StoutLost Abbey11.0%Snifter7.00
• H O P P I E R •
Eastside XPAExtra Pale AleIndie4.8%Pint7.00
1500Pale AleDrake's5.5%Pint7.00
Alpha GalacticWest Coast Pale AleBeachwood5.5%Pint7.00
Happy HopsPale AleRussian River5.5%Pint7.00
Sierra Nevada PalePale AleSierra Nevada5.6%Pint7.00
Coconut IPAIPA w/coconutKing Harbor6.7%Pint7.00
Big WhigIPANoble6.8%Pint7.00
ExpatriateIPAThree Weavers6.9%Pint7.00
ProtocosmosIPAModern Times7.0%Pint7.00
MayberryIPAEl Segundo7.1%Pint7.00
Hop TrafficIPAPort Brewing7.5%Pint7.00
Delicious IPAIPAStone7.7%Pint7.00
Big SipperDouble IPAKnee Deep8.0%Tulip7.00
Blah Blah BlahImperial IPA21st Amendement8.0%Tulip7.00
Pliny the ElderDouble IPARussian River8.0%Tulip7.00
MongoDouble IPAPort8.5%Tulip7.00
Enjoy By 7•25•16Imperial IPA w/tangerineStone9.4%Snifter7.00
• B E L G I A N I E R •
Blood Orange WitWitbierRefuge5.0%Tulip7.00
Shapes (Former)Belgian BlondeMikkeller SD5.6%Tulip7.00
ManifestoWitbierEagle Rock5.7%Tulip7.00
Saison Kau WelaBelgian Farmhouse AleOhana5.8%Tulip7.00
DevotionBelgian Pale AleLost Abbey6.3%Tulip7.00
Spirited SaisonSaisonArts District6.3%Tulip7.00
Blind AmbitionBelgian Dark AleLadyface6.4%Tulip7.00
Deus VultBelgian DubbelSanctum9.1%Goblet7.00
• B I G G E R •
Ny Verden (collaboration)Old AleMikkeller SD/Alesmith9.0%Goblet7.00
Golden GirlBelgian Strong PaleBagby9.2%Goblet7.00
Hairy EyeballAmerican Strong AleLagunitas9.4%Goblet7.00
Scotch, Scotch, ScotchScotch AleArts District9.9%Snifter7.00
Mega Black HouseImperial StoutModern Times10.0%Snifter7.00
• W I L D E R /
S O U R E R •
Berliner WeisseBerliner WeisseMikkeller San Diego3.2%Tulip7.00
Fruitlands - Passionfruit/GuavaGose w/passion & guavaModern Times5.0%Goblet7.00
• C I D E R •
The Golden SpikeDry Pineapple CiderHonest Abe5.0%Tulip7.00
Lemon SaisonDry LemonCommon6.5%Tulip7.00
Cactus RedCactus Pear/Thai Basil/Watermelon101 Cider House6.9%Tulip7.00
The JokerDry English Apple CiderAce6.9%Tulip7.00